Dead Good

Dead. Good.

The Grim Reaper loves to dance, Hip Hop is his passion. Understandably, for most people, that’s a surprise. So we wrote a script and made a sizzle to show you how slick the big man’s moves really are. 


What Is Dead Good?

Overflowing with universal appeal it’s an uplifting story with a feel good soul.  If you’re a channel, brand, or producer looking to engage a wide audience with an on-going series this is a great development proposal. 



As a series Dead Good is about more than dance. It’s about acceptance, the courage to follow your dreams and the secret of what really happens in the afterlife – did you know there’s more than one Grim Reaper?  In fact, there’s a whole army and each one can stop time. Makes sense, how else could they manage the day job? 


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