Project Concept:

DEAD GOOD is a new proposal for a 13 part online series. Original digital content created by award winning writer director Carl Prechezer.

Each episode builds to create a series with all the classic twists and turns you’d expect from this engaging format. Rich characters, emotional storylines and classic end of episode cliffhangers will propel audiences from episode to episode as the emotional narrative is revealed. 


DEAD GOOD has roles for influencers as well as established actors, a fresh new cast. There are great dance routines; a killer soundtrack and the possibility for spin off deals in alternative online arenas. This is a series with inherent modern broadcasting sensibilities and a twenty first century distribution ethic, an ethic that perfectly fits mobile, online and terrestrial.  

Now here’s the killer twist – there’s no spoken dialogue. This story will be told through actions and emotions. Can’t be done? Watch The Red Turtle, a movie that proves emotional storytelling needs no words.  Free from dialogue Dead Good is immediately accessible to a truly international market: A series with global appeal.                                                                     

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 15.01.51.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 15.04.21.png

Series 1 is also just the beginning. With such an iconic role the possibilities are endless